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  • More time on the road
  • A fleet of the latest and constantly updated trucks
  • Routine maintenance by our expert mechanics according to manufacturer recommendations
  • Maintenance follow-ups by our team
  • Access to replacement trucks in case of breakdowns
  • Simplified expenditure planning

Short- and Medium-Term Leasing

The fleet available for short- and medium-term leasing allows you to fill an immediate need during a peak period or to replace a truck in the event of an unexpected breakdown. You can also lease a truck for an extended period. This option is ideal for seasonal workers who want to minimize annual operating costs.

Long-Term Leasing

We have attractive long-term leasing options. These options are ideal for companies that want to focus on operations and do not want to have to worry about maintaining their fleet. Each leasing plan may be adapted to suit the needs of your business perfectly. Here are the main advantages of a long-term lease with Camion BL.

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